Women’s Premier League: Jon Lewis is named UP Warriorz’s head coach

Jon Lewis, the head coach of England, has been chosen to take charge of UP Warriorz in the Women’s Premier League (WPL).

Five teams will compete in the first WPL, which begins on March 4. One of those teams is the UP Warriorz, who will be headquartered in Lucknow.

Prior to taking up his present position with England’s women, Lewis served as bowling coach for the England men’s squad in 2021.

Lewis predicted that it will be a fascinating look into the depth of Indian cricket.

“The WPL is a significant advancement for women’s cricket worldwide, and I am thrilled to play a key role in this journey.”

Anju Jain, a former wicketkeeper for India, has been designated assistant coach, and Ashley Noffke, a former cricketer for Australia, will serve as the bowling coach.

UP Warriorz, Gujarat Giants, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai are the five teams in the WPL.

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