Tottenham chooses not to respond to news of a potential takeover deal for the club.

Tottenham has chosen not to respond to rumors that billionaire Jahm Najafi plans to start a £3.1 billion acquisition of the team.

The head of the sports investment firm MSP Sports Capital is Iranian-American Najafi.

According to The Financial Times, he is putting together a proposal for Spurs with the help of a group of investors.

Najafi will not approach Tottenham owner Joe Lewis or Spurs chairman Daniel Levy for some weeks, it was said.

A minority owner of the NBA team Phoenix Suns is Najafi.

Tottenham is currently ranked fifth in the Premier League despite losing the first leg of their last-16 Champions League match 1-0 in AC Milan on Tuesday.

The 63,000-seat, cutting-edge Tottenham Hotspur stadium, which cost £1 billion to construct and held its inaugural Premier League match in April 2019, is where they play.

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