Man City suffers a setback after Forest’s “inacceptable” draw.

The draw made Forest’s home winning streak eight games, but City fell to second place as Arsenal reclaimed first place with a 4-2 victory over Aston Villa earlier on Saturday.

Walker stated that the effort put out on Wednesday [in the victory over Arsenal] “hasn’t gone to waste, but this is a blow because you put that good shift in and play a game that we’re not used to with the low percent of possession, so to come here and loose two points is not ideal.”

We can go and be up there or there abouts to go and win this Premier League, perhaps with a few twists and turns in our favour now.

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City regrets lost chances
The lowest proportion of any Guardiola team in the top tier, City had just 37% of the ball against Arsenal in midweek. On Saturday, City regained some sort of normalcy with a commanding 84% of the first half.

Phil Foden was a standout for City, starting his first game after missing several games due to a foot injury. He drove forward and caused trouble for a thin Forest defense.

When Silva was given the ball on the outskirts of the area, he fired an incredible left-footed drive into the top of the net after sending a solid effort from distance whistling over the bar.

The goal came as a reward for the visitors’ continued pressure, and they had plenty of chances to stop the nervous finish when Ilkay Gundogan narrowly misjudged Kyle Walker’s cross and Foden’s off-balance pass didn’t quite reach Haaland for a tap-in.

But, despite their domination, City was forced to regret their squandered opportunities and was forced to make desperate last-ditch efforts as they searched for a late winner.

Despite making seven tries to score, Kevin de Bruyne was unsuccessful, as City were unable to build on their Wednesday victory over title contender Arsenal.

They have now lost 15 away points so far this year, compared to 11 overall the previous year.

The game, according to Guardiola on Match of the Day, “was pretty terrific.” “We thought we played flawlessly, had fantastic chances, and were going to hold on to win the game, but this is football, so we couldn’t believe it. You must succeed.

Although it was one of our greatest games, we lost by two points.

The forest takes a chance.
After spending the entirety of the first half in their own half, Forest will have thought it was a blessing to only be behind by one goal at the break.

They had won four of their previous seven home games and had briefly displayed threat on the counterattack as City pushed players forward.

Brennan Johnson and Gibbs-White each had opportunities to get away. Johnson was stopped by Walker’s block and then rushed forward once again, but no one was there to catch his squared ball.

Because to the injuries sustained by Scott McKenna and Willy Boly at center defense the previous game, Steve Cooper’s team failed to generate any significant periods of possession or opportunities.

Yet, as City grew impatient, Forest remained persistent and ultimately effective enough to seize the moment when it finally presented itself, resulting in their lone successful shot of the afternoon.

It’s absolutely a good outcome, according to Cooper. “Manchester City is the world’s top team in my opinion. They are intriguing to observe and learn about. City’s excessive possession of the ball was not shameful.

“With the goal we scored, we not only rode some luck but also earned some luck. To stay in the game and get one instant was the goal “Added he.

I’m very appreciative of the players for following the game strategy.

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