Israeli raid results in ten Palestinian deaths during fighting in Nablus.

According to witnesses and Palestinian health officials, Israeli soldiers raided the occupied West Bank and killed ten Palestinians, including an elderly man and six militants.

As troops neared the center of Nablus, gunmen engaged in armed combat as explosions and gunshots erupted.

According to the Israeli military, its forces encircled a building in search of “wanted terror suspects.”

The men opened fire on the troops before being shot and killed, it was claimed.

According to the military, during the battles the troops were also shot at by other armed men and had explosives, petrol bombs, and stones thrown at them.

According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, the raid also claimed the life of Adnan Saabe Baara, 72.

In what is typically a bustling market area of the old city, video footage showed a body in the street near to bags of bread.

According to the health ministry, other fatalities included a 61-year-old male named Abdul Hadi Abdul Aziz Ashqar and a 16-year-old kid named Mohammad Farid Shaaban.

At than 100 additional Palestinians suffered gunshot wounds. In nearby hospitals, seven of them are in critical condition.

The three terrorists who were the targets of the raid were identified by the Israeli military as Hussam Isleem, 24, Walid Dkhail, 23, and Mohammed Abdul Fattah, 23, both of the Lion’s Den organization. Abdul Fattah is a member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

The military stated that they were suspected of plotting other shooting assaults in the near future as well as carrying out prior shooting attacks, including one last October that resulted in the death of an Israeli soldier.

Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority, was quoted as saying that he decried the raid and blamed Israel’s leadership for “this hazardous escalation, which is driving the region into tension and an explosion.”

Controlling the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas issued a warning, saying it was “watching the rising crimes done by the enemy against our people in the occupied West Bank” and that it was “running out of patience.”

Israel has increased its intelligence collection, arrest, and search operations in Nablus and the surrounding Jenin over the past year in response to a string of deadly Palestinian attacks.

This newest one occurs despite reports this week of a deal the US helped to strike to reduce tensions.

At least 50 Palestinians, including militants and civilians, have died so far this year, whereas 11 people have died as a result of Palestinian attacks against Israelis.

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