In a live Netflix performance, Chris Rock cracks jokes about Will Smith’s Oscars rebuke.

The comedian Chris Rock is sick of discussing the notorious Oscars slap from Will Smith, but he wants to be clear that it hurt.

During a live Netflix comedy show, Rock, 58, went into great detail about the 2022 Academy Awards incident.

Words hurt, as they say, you know that, said Rock. “Anybody who claims that words harm them has never received a punch to the face.”

Afterwards, Will Smith claimed his actions were the result of “bottled” wrath.

Because Mr. Smith was permitted to attend the ceremony and later earned his first-ever Oscar for Best Actor, the altercation served as a cultural litmus test for discussions about America’s tolerance for casual violence.

Rock was lauded for keeping his cool in the wake of the incident.

The comedian addressed a variety of topics in Chris Rock: Selective Outrage, the streaming service’s inaugural live comedy performance, including woke culture, Meghan Markle, and politics.

Rock made reference to the argument between Smith and remarked, “I’m going to attempt to do the concert without offending anyone. Because you never know when someone might be off-balance.

Later, he continued, “America is so screwed up right now that half the population would say, ‘Let’s hear them out’ if the Russians were here right now.

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But he saved the best for last and addressed the issue with Will Smith during the show’s closing seconds.

“People keep asking if it hurt. Even now, it hurts! I’ve had Smith’s 1991 single Summertime ringing in my ears, Rock said.

Rock boasted, “I took that hit like (Manny) Pacquiao,” to applause from the audience.

As a nod to the title of the program, Rock indicated that he thinks Smith engages in “selective anger” and that the slap was motivated more by problems in their marriage than by his Oscar’s joke.

The couple has been open about their relationship’s ups and downs, even going so far as to publicly discuss their issues on Jada’s Facebook Watch program Red Table Talk.

Everybody in this room has been cheated on, but none of us have ever had the person who cheated on us interview us on television, Rock joked. He was hurt by her far more than I was by him.

When Rock eventually addressed the situation, social media erupted with comments, many of which noted how comedians like Rock frequently laugh through their suffering.

Some thought the comedian went too far when he made jokes about supporting the slave owners in Will Smith’s most recent movie, Emancipation.

Rock addressed the reason why he decided not to respond in kind as he finished the program in a mic drop.

I have parents!” I’m raised because of it!” Stone stated. “And what my parents taught me, do you know? Don’t engage in combat in front of white folks.

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