Good results from the feasibility assessment for the women’s tour for the British and Irish Lions

The British and Irish Lions claim that a feasibility study for the first-ever women’s trip was successful.

Many factors were examined in the study, such as rugby, brand, commercial, financial, spectator, logistical, and scheduling issues.

Before making a definitive choice, the Lions will keep considering the timing and format of a potential tour.

The possibility of a women’s tour in the future is “very positive,” according to Ben Calveley, CEO of Lions.

“Despite the fact that there are many factors to take into account, we are dedicated to using the results of this feasibility study and collaborating closely with our unions and other stakeholders in the upcoming months.

“For their continued support, World Rugby and our four unions from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales are grateful.

Since the start of the process, there has been a high degree of teamwork, and everyone is committed to completely investigating this topic.

Ieuan Evans, a former Lion and Wales wing, served as the panel’s chairman. The 13-member group also included former England international Shaunagh Brown and Irishwoman Niamh Briggs.

The preliminary results of this feasibility study are really encouraging, according to Evans.

“This is a crucial stage in the process of determining how to make the idea of a Lions women’s squad a reality, which we know has great support.

“A lot of work still has to be done, but much progress has already been achieved.”

A first women’s tour’s potential, according to Brown, is “limitless.”

She asked, according to PA Media, “Why wouldn’t we want a Lions tour for women?” “That is the highest honor in the men’s game.

“As a great athlete, you constantly want more in my opinion. This enormous green light has been given to us, so we have something to strive for.

“To some extent, all of the home unions have professional playing contracts. Although it is only the beginning, the subject of how they appear is another.

“Every undertaking must begin somewhere. All of the Lions women’s team’s players have a great chance of becoming professionals if and when one is organized. We are going to be a serious force.”

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