China plays out hitting Taiwan’s “important targets”

During a second day of military exercises, China simulated precision strikes against important targets on Taiwan and its surrounding waters.

The exercises are in response to Taiwan’s president’s visit to the US last week, which Beijing has described as a “stern warning” to the independent island.

The US asked China to exercise patience as its military practiced encircling the island.

Taiwan said that on Sunday, roughly 70 Chinese aircraft circled the island.

Moreover, eleven Chinese ships were seen.

Taiwan reported on Saturday that 45 warplanes either flew into the south-western portion of Taiwan’s air defense identification zone or breached the Taiwan Strait median line, the unofficial boundary between Taiwanese and Chinese territory.

Beijing has given the operation the codename “Joint Sword,” and it will go through Monday. The action has infuriated Taiwanese leaders.

Defense authorities in Taipei charged Beijing on Saturday with abusing President Tsai’s trip to the US by conducting military drills that “seriously damaged peace, stability, and security in the region.”

One of China’s ships fired a round during the first day of the exercises as it passed by Pingtan island, which is where China is closest to Taiwan.

Although it didn’t specify a location, Taiwan’s Ocean Affairs Council, which oversees the Coast Guard, released video footage of one of its ships following a Chinese cruiser.

The Chinese ship is heard being warned by a sailor on the radio in the video: “You are significantly undermining regional peace, stability, and security. Just turn around and leave right now. We shall implement steps for your expulsion if you go on as you are.

In other video, the Taiwanese destroyer Di Hua could be seen battling alongside the Coast Guard ship in what the Coast Guard officer refers to as a “standoff” with the Chinese ship.

Although the Chinese exercises were completed by nightfall on Saturday, Taipei defense officials reported that fighter jet sorties resumed early on Sunday.

Chinese officials have been warned not to take advantage of President Tsai’s travel to the US and have been asked to exercise caution and maintain the status quo.

The US was “closely monitoring Beijing’s actions,” according to a state department official, who also insisted that the US has “adequate resources and capabilities in the region to ensure peace and stability and to satisfy our national security responsibilities.”

Although the US cut diplomatic ties with Taipei in 1979 in favor of Beijing, it is nevertheless required by law to give Taiwan the tools to defend itself.

Although American messaging has been ambiguous, US President Joe Biden has repeatedly stated that the US would interfere if China attacked the island.

Ms. Tsai hailed US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for America’s “unwavering support” at the meeting on Wednesday in California, saying it helped “reassure the people of Taiwan that we are not alone and we are not alone.”

In order to avoid escalating tensions with China, Mr. McCarthy decided to arrange the conference in California rather than travel to Taiwan himself as initially intended.

The Chinese military practices encircling Taiwan.
Taiwan and China: A very simple manual
The military training, which is scheduled to last through Monday, will “simultaneously organise patrols and advances surrounding Taiwan island, building an all-around encirclement and deterrent posture,” according to Chinese official media.

It further stated that China’s military has sent “long-range rocket artillery, naval destroyers, missile boats, air force fighters, bombers, jammers and refuellers.”

Nonetheless, people in Taiwan’s capital Taipei appeared unconcerned by China’s most recent moves.

“I believe that many Taiwanese have grown accustomed to it at this point; it feels like here we go again!” On Saturday, Jim Tsai stated.

Michael Chuang added: “They [China] appear to enjoy doing it, encircling Taiwan as if it were their own. Now, I’m used to it.

“We won’t be able to flee if they invade. We’ll wait and see what the future holds before moving further.

Since 1949, when the Chinese Civil War ended in favor of the Chinese Communist Party and the nation’s previous ruling government fled to the island, Taiwan’s position has been unclear.

Since then, Taiwan has regarded itself as an independent nation with its own authorities and constitution. China views it as a separatist province that will eventually be reclaimed by Beijing, possibly through force.

Taiwan’s “reunification” “shall be fulfilled,” according to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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