Bulgarian police discover 18 bodies in an abandoned truck.

According to the Bulgarian government, four arrests have been made after 18 bodies, including a child, were discovered in an abandoned truck in Bulgaria.

It appeared that the truck was illegally transporting a group of migrants.

The health minister reported that thirty-four people, including five children, were rushed to hospitals, with some in critical condition.

He stated that the individuals in the truck were cold, wet, and had not eaten for days.

It is believed to be the deadliest incident in Bulgaria involving migrants.

Bulgaria has long struggled to manage the large number of Turkish migrants attempting to enter the European Union.

The truck was discovered 12 miles (20 kilometers) north-east of Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, near the village of Lokorsko. According to police, it was illegally transporting migrants in hidden compartments where they had suffocated.

Asen Medzhidev, minister of health, described the conditions inside the truck “Those who have been confined in this truck have been deprived of oxygen. They were cold, wet, and had gone several days without food.”

The police believe those discovered were illegally smuggled into Serbia from Afghanistan.

Atanas Ilkov, a senior police official, told Reuters that one of the four suspects had been previously convicted of human trafficking.

Asylum seekers allege they were blocked, arrested, stripped, and beaten by Bulgarian authorities while attempting to enter the country from Turkey.

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