Blackpink leads renowned performers who are touring again in Asia.

We haven’t gone back to Hong Kong for about four years, and I must say, we have really missed you guys.

Rosé from Blackpink addresses the 14,000 supporters filling AsiaWorld-Arena, and she is met with thunderous applause.

Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, four K-pop singers, have been on their Born Pink globe tour since October.

Charlotte Hofstetter, a fan from Singapore, made the trip to Bangkok, Thailand in January to see them perform.

The BBC quoted her as saying, “My friends and I had a front row view of the stage, so we were able to see them really up close.”

Charlotte kept up with the band’s news on social media during the pandemic limitations and even went to one of the group’s virtual concerts.

She explains, “I was looking forward to live concerts. It was a significant location to be because it was Lisa’s hometown and the first stop on the Asian portion of their tour.

It could seem that the pandemic has finally passed the group by while they are in the spotlight. Tours of this nature, however, are still incredibly exposed to Covid, according to Jeung Chi Young from their management firm, YG Entertainment.

The roughly 100 staff members who travel from city to city with the stars are therefore regularly vaccinated against the illness. Also, they are limited to hotels and concert halls.

“We took steps to minimize worker migration,” Mr. Jeung said.

The entire tour may be in danger if even one member of the cast or crew contracts Covid-19.

“I am happy to see South Asians on the Coachella lineup.”
They are upcoming K-pop stars. because they’re all digital
As Covid-19 rules in the region’s nations loosen, prominent groups like Blackpink are among those who have resumed traveling throughout Asia. Certain Asian countries had the most stringent coronavirus protections in the entire world.

The group’s tour began in Seoul, the nation’s capital, and it has since included stops in the US, the UK, and continental Europe. In Asia, they are now playing to sold-out crowds.

According to Mr. Jeung, the group originally intended to tour the area but ultimately changed their plans.

“Asia was ranked last on the tour because it was thought that the relaxing of Covid rules there would proceed most slowly. That was a reasonable anticipation, in our opinion.”

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