After receiving criticism for referring to her baby boy as “fine,” Rihanna hits back.

After describing her infant son as “fine,” Rihanna has made it clear that she is not sorry.

The “Pour it Up” singer, her boyfriend A$AP Rocky, and their son recently made their British Vogue cover debut together. In case you missed it. Rihanna shared pictures from their shoot on Instagram on February 15 to mark the occasion shortly after their spread was released. She wrote, “My son is great! I don’t Care! Mommy had no idea how crazy both of my babies were when these pictures were taken.”

The cosmetics tycoon, who is expecting the couple’s second child, soon came under fire for her usage of the term “fine.” She did, however, make it plain that she stands by her testimonial.

Rihanna’s response to a comment on Instagram that stated they knew “she did not just say fine” was “AF,” as shown in a TikTok. One person inquired, “Who calls a baby fine?” She then exclaimed, “His mommy!”

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When a third person joined in, “Fine!? He’s not a grown man, so more like cute and adorable” You just keep your little cougar paws away from him, Rihanna retorted, and we’ll be fine.

For British Vogue, Inez & Vinoodh shot a photo of Rihanna.
Eight months after giving birth to their son, Rihanna, 34, divulged details about her current relationship with A$AP, also 34.

In her Feb. 15 cover story for British Vogue, she stated, “We’re best friends with a baby.” “We must be in agreement, but that has kind of always been the case in our relationship. When you have a baby, everything changes, but I wouldn’t say it has done anything other than brought us closer.”

As Rihanna stated, today, love is always on people’s minds.

She continued, “Their bond is clear. “He lights up the moment Rocky makes eye contact with him. Everything they say about sons and mothers is untrue. Fathers and sons are insane. I came to understand that your father is the one who can actually validate you as a boy.”

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