After going to the gym for three months, Kehlani shows off her perky butt

After going to the gym for three months, Kehlani shows off her perky butt

After going to the gym for three months, Kehlani shows off her perky butt

This year, Kehlani’s goal is to be healthier. The 27-year-old singer/songwriter has apparently been working out a lot lately, and when they showed off their work in progress, their fans were shocked.

Over the weekend, the person from Oakland used social media to show off their great body. The R&B star put up a video of them dancing to Ice Spice’s “In Ha Mood” and shaking their behinds for the camera.

The “Beautiful Lies” singer wore a cropped grey crewneck sweater over printed green-and-black tight leggings, which showed off their perky derriere. They flexed their abs and then turned around to show fans their backs.

“Three months of being a fitness bro in every way possible. PROGRESS, “In the caption, Kehlani wrote. The post got Ice Spice’s attention, and she replied to it in the comments with “Baddie fren.”

Kehlani’s video has made their fans want to live as healthily as they do. One user said, “We need to go to the gym because I need to know the squat secret,” and another said, “Okay, I’ll go to the gym.”

Others wrote comments about how thirsty they were. One said, “Those yams are yamming.” “Don’t make me eat my phone,” said another. “My favorite body type,” someone else gushed.

Even though the messages are flirty, Kehlani might not be tempted because they seem to be together now. In December, they shared a video of their new boyfriend on their TikTok account.

In the video, the two people can be seen lying next to each other on what looks like a couch. Kehlani told their girlfriend, “Say hi to the girls,” so that she could greet their fans. Kehlani’s girlfriend did what they asked and said, “Hi, girls!” to the camera, but the “Gangsta” singer soon became a little too possessive. They told their girlfriend, “You weren’t supposed to say hi to the girls.” Their girlfriend argued, “You did.” “You were supposed to say hi, but not to the girls,” Kehlani said next.

The former member of the teen band Poplyfe wrote “since y’all asked” in the caption, implying that they hoped it would answer their fans’ questions. In another video, they were seen kissing, which showed that they were together.

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