After gifting Justin Thomas a tampon during the Genesis Invitational round, Tiger Woods issues an apology

Tiger Woods has expressed regret for any offense he may have caused after being caught discretely giving Justin Thomas a tampon at the Genesis Open after outdriving him.

Thomas laughed and dropped the tampon to the ground as the Americans stepped off the ninth tee.

Woods, 47, said: “It was intended to be all fun and games, but obviously it hasn’t turned out that way.

I’m sorry if I offended anyone in any way, shape, or form, he continued.

“That was not how it was intended to be. We frequently play practical jokes on one another, and while I believe that online, this did not come across that way, between us, it was, and that is different.

Since failing to make the cut at The Open in July, Woods is participating in his first competitive PGA Tour event.

Over the first two rounds, the 15-time major champion played with PGA Championship winner Justin Thomas and four-time major champion Rory McIlroy in the same group.

Many people on social media criticized the episode from day one, saying it was demeaning to women.

After shooting a three-over-par 74 on Friday, which put him one over par after two rounds, Woods issued an apology.

Columnist Christine Brennan, who just placed first in the Genesis Invitational Writing competition, wrote: “Woods’ message to Thomas was apparent. You play like a girl has been the go-to response of stupid, frequently insecure lads for generations.

What an odd thing for a “female father” to do. Sam, his now-15-year-old daughter, grew up playing soccer and had just returned from a competition in Florida when she came to see him win the Masters in 2019.

He used fundamental misogyny to insult his close friend Thomas, using the knee-slapper of a jab: You hit the ball like a girl!

Sarah Stirk, a presenter for Sky Sports, called it “very upsetting” and “crass.”

Stirk continued on Sky Sports News: “That appeared to be done in jest. Passing him the tampon and thus telling him, “I’ve outdriven you, you’re driving the ball like a woman,” seemed like lame, blokey behavior to me.

“That is essentially what the incident implies, and to me, that implies that women are less valuable than men.

“Women shouldn’t be portrayed as being less than males in any aspect of life, but especially in the world of sports.”

“Well, it’s amusing because feminine hygiene items are INHERENTLY emasculating, so when a man makes another male touch a tampon, he’s saying “I am a bigger and better man than you, because, Yuck, I had you touch a wrapped Tampax!” said US attorney Dr. Ann Olivarius in a tweet.

“Really cannot get over the notion of Tiger Woods getting ready for his first non-major start since 2020 at a tournament he’s hosting and being like oops almost forgot to pack a tampon to present to JT after I hit it past him,” said golf podcast host Brian Kirschner.

And novelist and attorney Julie DiCaro tweeted: “Ugh. The joke denigrates women, yet the guys all find it hilarious. Very outdated and foolish.

Presentational grey line analysis – Iain Carter Woods’ return to competitive golf was intended to be a feel-good tale of a legendary champion who is once again conquering the odds and shining a positive light on golf.

Nevertheless, this episode seriously jeopardizes that narrative since many people will perceive it as a deliberate and glaringly sexist conduct committed by a 47-year-old guy who ought to know better.

especially in light of the numerous occasions where he had to apologize for incidents in his private life.

The episode, coming from the sport’s most well-known person, has the potential to harm both his reputation and the game’s, which has frequently battled claims of institutional misogyny.

Other people could just see it as locker room chitchat, and Woods undoubtedly thought of it as a private joke. Some, though, will not agree to this defense. They will also mention how the event happened while Woods was playing, unavoidably with TV cameras following his every move.

Thomas, the current US PGA champion, and the 15-time major champion enjoy a tight and almost familial bond. They undoubtedly have similar senses of humor, thus neither of them will likely be affected favorably by this incident.

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