According to Bethenny Frankel, Martha Stewart and she are feuding.

unexpected adversaries Bethenny Frankel is very open about her ill feelings against Martha Stewart.

During a recent episode of her podcast, Just B with Bethenny Frankel, the 52-year-old reality star and entrepreneur talked openly about the unforeseen feud with the 81-year-old lifestyle expert.

Despite the fact that she despises me, we almost worked on this TV show together even though we are undoubtedly not friends, Frankel said. “And I really truly dislike her.”

Frankel acknowledged, “Whether or not she’ll admit it or not, she feels the same way about me. I’ve always liked her work ethic and that she’s a ball-buster going for it her own way.”

The conflict between the two, however, started far back in 2005 when Frankel competed on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, a variation of The Apprentice with Stewart playing the boss.

Frankel claimed that a string of miscommunications and awkward exchanges between them tainted any prospective friendship. From Frankel’s appearance on set in a Louis Vuitton outfit, which gave Stewart the impression that she was wealthier than she let on, to an embarrassing encounter with Bill Clinton the day before the live season finale of the show.

Frankel made it to the season’s final two, but she ultimately lost her job to Stewart, and Frankel remembered exactly what Stewart said to her when she fired her.

Frankel remarked, “What she said to me when she fired me was nuts.” “Bethenny, you are pushy, a show-off, and you feel the need to make a physical impact, which is not fully essential at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, the woman stated. Yes, she detested me. She despised me.”

Frankel detailed how she traveled to St. Barts to attend a party on a yacht shortly after the season’s production came to a close. Stewart was present at the event through coincidence. Frankel reported meeting Stewart at the dinner while wearing a “f**k you” dress, a provocative, curve-hugging black outfit.

Frankel claims that Stewart greeted her and said, “This is Bethenny, she was on my show but she didn’t win, so she’s furious at me,” before introducing her to a friend.

“”Martha, I’m not furious at you,” I murmured as I turned to face her. You remind me of someone I once dated and still adore,”” stated Frankel. It was icy and that was that.

Frankel claimed that reporters had unearthed an old, low-budget movie she appeared in, in which she was topless, just after the season had aired. She was dragged into the story by tabloids, which caused headlines. At the moment, according to Frankel, it seemed to be the worst thing that had ever happened to her.

Frankel claimed that when she encountered Stewart, the situation worsened.

“She says, “Oh, Bethenny, I just saw your movie,” as I sat down next to her in a restaurant when I spot her there. The movie was released years ago; therefore, her assertion that it was the sickest thing anyone had ever said, “said Frankel. “I respond by saying, “Oh really, Martha? I recently received an insider stock suggestion.”

Frankel claimed that because the two had been into contact with each other so regularly, the dispute has persisted over time. Later, Stewart appeared as a guest on Frankel’s podcast, where she was referred to as “a pest” while working on The Apprentice. Nevertheless, Frankel praised Stewart for first agreeing to appear on her podcast.

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